Lauren_Shuler_Donner_WIE_48_a_p“From Locanda Veneta to Massimo’s, Massimo Ormani is one of the finest Italian chefs, hell, make that finest chefs, in all of Los Angeles. To have him cater an event, large or small, is like eating in your very own Trattoria. Close your eyes and you are in  Florence. And having Massimo cater for us is a pleasure as he and his crew are pleasant and fun to have in the kitchen.”

Lauren Shuler Donner, Movie Producer


 “I have certainly enjoyed many a fine meal at Locanda Veneta and always appreciated your fine cooking and know you are destined for success.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation and Movie Producer

“Massimo is a true culinary artist.  He mixes tradition with innovation and the result is truly delicious!”

Barbara Broccoli, Movie Producer


“Massimo is a fantastic chef, and a totally charming and informative instructor. The proof is in the very first bite of any of his amazing meals. I was a happy regular customer at his fine restaurant in Beverly Hills; and recently I have hired Massimo on several occasions as a private chef. He is in complete command in the kitchen, yet very easy and comfortable to be with. For an especially important business dinner, Massimo helped me plan the menu, select the wines, and coordinated a wonderful cocktail hour, and an amazing multi-course dinner. Once my friends and colleagues have enjoyed Massimo’s food, they hire him too. His catering is exceptional for small dinners all the way to large parties.  My wife is a very big fan, and has attended Massimo’s in-home cooking classes; she loved the menus and the quality of the instruction. I love it too; and while no one is quite able to replicate what Massimo himself does in the kitchen, he very generously shares his professional secrets with his eager and appreciative students.  All of the above wouldn’t matter if the food itself wasn’t so incredible good. Which it is. From Fish baked in parchment paper, to the most delectable pastas, to a Panna Cotta I am still thinking about, Massimo has a great intuitive ability to bring the very best cooking from Italy into your own kitchen.”
Sam Rubin, KTLA Morning News

“I have come to know well the cooking of Massimo Ormani, whom I consider one of the finest chefs in Southern California. Had it not been for his efforts and broad talents, I doubt that I, my fellow critics and the dining public would have, year and year out, voted Locanda Veneta the finest restaurant of its type in Greater Los Angeles. I know of his culinary backgrounds and credits in Italy and they also are impeccable”
Bruce David Colen, Former Restaurant Critic and Journalist for LOS ANGELES Magazine, Town & Country, Bon Appetit