Kids Cooking


When a child opens packaged food  he\she finds paper, plastic and some kind of edible stuff that would have probably been unrecognizable as food less than 100 years ago.  When a child handles a fruit, a vegetable or any kind of fresh food, his\her curiosity gets tickled…after all food can be colorful, slimy, playful, absurd, entertaining and food always has a story to tell…and kids always love a good story!  In my classes kids divided in appropriate age groups, will handle, play, cook and transform food; they’ll learn safety, healthiness and new flavors in a fun atmosphere.



  • MANGIA PASTA! – Turn fresh pasta sheets into a myriad of colorfully shaped ravioli and tortellini stuffed with all kinds of your own yummy fillings and flavorings.
  • PIZZA ART –  The pie as a canvas, the condiments as the palette, their imagination and hands as the brush….I’ll be cooking it, though!!!
  • STACK & EAT – They’ll make sandwiches and Panini you didn’t even know were possible….for real!
  • CUPCAKE BATTLE  – Do I even need to describe this one????
  • COOKIE MONSTERS – Mix, mold, decorate…and then eat!  A  variety of ingredients will turn into different dough, then into a myriad of shapes, then decorated with gazillions of colors and flavors.
  • INVENT YOUR OWN – Just call me and we’ll discuss.